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We believe that power is in the relationship.

We believe reciprocity is a door to liberation.

We believe everyone has inherent sacred value deserving of dignity.

We believe Mutual Aid is solidarity, not charity, (Dean Spade, 2020).

We are committed to transparency.

We provide a public platform to view our budget, and welcome communal accountability to our values.

We are committed to equity.

Our funding supports BIPOC + LGBTQIA+ faith leaders who have experienced a historical wealth gap. 

We are committed to generosity.

Radical generosity is possible because our members have real relationships with one another. 

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We are committed to building deeper relationships.


Members are part of the ecology of care and have 1-1 conversations with each other and new members as a spiritual practice of the community. 


Deeper relationships lead to meaningful support pods for crisis and ongoing care.

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