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Who We Are

Koinonia Mutual Aid was envisioned and created in early 2022 by faith leaders from the margins: pastors, organizers, deacons, lay leaders. Parents, siblings, grandparents and cousins. As a collective, each person who has helped bring Koinonia to life has experienced harm caused by faith-based institutions and their power and has experienced the lack of adequate support provided by them. 


We have known that the institutions we exist in were not created by us, or with us in mind. 

We have known that only we can truly know how to care for one another. We have witnessed how we can show up for each other within these systems. 

We know that we only have each other. We only have Koinonia. 


Koinonia, or κοινωνία in Greek, means fellowship, joint participation, sharing what one has, unity as one community. ​It is a term frequently used in Christian spaces.

Koinonia Mutual Aid officially launched in August 2022. It is a community dedicated to that oneness and mutual participation. Rooted in the foundation of relationship, Koinonia strives to always reach for one another, ensuring that everyone has an entrance into their own liberation, and provide support to faith leaders from marginalized communities.

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